Ebony Jewelwing - Caloptéryx bistré
(Calopteryx maculata)

Typical Flight Period: early June to late September     (records: Jun 6 - Sep 22)



Description: The Ebony Jewelwing is common throughout the province and is our smallest jewelwing. It also has the shortest and broadest wings among the Jewelwing family. It is generally found along rivers, brooks and streams but I've also seen them at ponds and marshes (though there is typically some form of moving water nearby)

The males have an irridescent green thorax and abdomen which can appear blue under certain conditions.   Their wings are a very dark smoky brown colour which appear black.

The females have a bronze to green thorax and abomen, their wings are typically lighter but can be almost as dark as the males and they have a white spot (pseudostigma) on the leading edge of their wings (near the tip)