River Jewelwing - Caloptéryx à taches apicales
(Calopteryx aequabilis)

Typical Flight Period: early June to mid August     (records: Jun 6 - Aug 15)



Description: The River Jewelwing is fairly common throughout the province and is typically found along rivers, brooks and streams.

The males have an irridescent green thorax and abdomen which can appear blue under certain conditions. The wings are mostly clear except for a black tip that is approximately 1/4 of the wings length. The combination of the wing pattern and the fluttery flight typical of jewelwings makes this species really stand out as it flies around.

The females are similar to the males in pattern except their thorax and abdomen are typically more bronze in colour, the tip of their wings are not as dark and they have a white spot (the stigma) on the leading edge of their wings (near the tip)