Variable Darner - Aeschne domino
(Aeshna interrupta)

Typical Flight Period: late June to mid October     (records: Jun 28 - Oct 12)



thorax (male)

thorax (male)
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Most (but not all) of our mosaic darners have 2 prominent thoracic stripes on each side of the thorax (sometimes also having additional markings on the sides of the thorax).

In the case of the Variable Darner, the thoracic stripes are typically "broken", creating 2 spots where each thoracic stripe would be located; however, it is not uncommon to find individuals with the front, rear or both thoracic stripes "intact" and they are not necessarily symmetrical on both sides.

For example, you could encounter an individual with a front stripe and rear spots on both sides of the thorax.   You could also find one with a front stripe and rear spots on one side and front and rear spots on the other side.   I suspect any combination is probably possible and I've personally seen at least 4 different variations, 2 of which are shown above.   I intend to photograph other variations if I encounter them and will include them on this site.

I can only speculate that their common name "Variable Darner" is the result of their highly variable thoracic stripe pattern.   My understanding is that their scientific name Aeeshna interrupta is due to the fact that their thoracic stripes are typically "interrupted" or broken.